Jayme Ghitnick

Personal data

# brazilian,lawyer, graduated in 1962 (Rio de Janeiro State University), living in Rio de Janeiro ;

# practiced law, specially in fiscal, corporate and capital markets matters, and worked also for the Federal Government (electric utilities regulations and economics);

# after years of managing private investment clubs, managed Banmercio Fund (1971/1974, being third in Brazil in 1973), Cotibra Funds (1975/1978, being second in 1977 and first in Brazil in 1978), and Habitasul Fund (1982/1985, being second in 1983 and first in 1984 in Brazil); beyond that, headed the equity research teams of these financial firms, participating in several underwritings and mergers & acquisitions deals; at Habitasul Group, as main investment executive, managed also a venture capital holding;

# bought and controlled Panval DTVM S.A. (1979/1982) and Abono DTVM Ltda.(1986/1990), securities dealers firms, involved with IPOs, venture capital operations, mergers & acquisitions;

# as private consultant, has been assistant to brokerage and investment banks firms,in capital markets operations and equity research ; has written many articles to newspapers,economic magazines etc., and lectured to universities classes about the stock market;  wrote a daily investment letter for portals like IG (2001) and Investshop (2001/2008),  including regular Chats and a weekly investment letter ("Verdades e Mentiras da Bolsa") since 2001, with about 15,000 readers monthly;

# manage private assets, including two investments clubs and individual portfolios since 2003;